AAUW-Montana is a nonpartisan organization.  We do not campaign for partisan candidates or political parties.  We do, however, advocate for and against issues and legislation we feel are important to and for women and girls.  Our Public Policy Program determines the positions we take on various issues, and it is updated in the spring of odd-numbered years at our biennial meetings.

In addition to our organizational and individual advocacy efforts, AAUW-Montana was a founding member of the Montana Women’s Lobby and had representation on the Lobby Board until its dissolution in 2014. Now, AAUW-Montana has become a member of Montana Women Vote.

Get ALICE Out of Wonderland

AAUW-Montana and the Montana Women’s Lobby worked together to produce a one-hour workshop about why ALICE (any woman who is Asset Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed) has trouble getting ahead financially.  To date, this workshop has been presented as part of the March 2011 International Women’s Day celebration at the Capitol in Helena, at the November 2011 Montana State University Women’s Center’s Sack Lunch Seminar, and at the April 2012 Equal Pay Day Event sponsored by the Bozeman BPW.  If you would like us to present this workshop for your organization or event, contact Diane or Corky. You are also welcome to view and/or print the handout from this workshop.

We Did It—Cap The Rate Passes!

Nov. 3, 2010—Final election results available today from the Montana Secretary of State’s office show that I-164 won in every one of Montana’s 56 counties. Statewide, the initiative won more than 71 percent of the vote. These are remarkable results and demonstrate that the majority of Montanans truly feel that 400 percent interest is too high. I-164 takes effect Jan. 1 and will cap interest rates on payday and car title loans. This will help prevent Montana’s working families and seniors from becoming trapped in debt.

Thank you for voting for I-164. And thank you to all our campaign partners listed below; the staffers and volunteers who helped gather signatures and distribute campaign literature across the state, and to the hundreds of Montanans who publicly endorsed the initiative. Together we did it!

Passage of I-164 is a victory for Montana consumers and for the state’s citizen’s initiative process. The results of this election show that, when necessary, Montana’s voters can bring important matters to the election ballot for a vote. Despite efforts to remove I-164 from the ballot, we persevered.

We are hopeful that the lending industry and the Montana Legislature will refrain from future challenges to this legislation. After all, Montana’s voters made very clear last night that they support this cap on interest rates. Nevertheless, we are prepared for any possible future challenges to I-164.

Today, however, we’re celebrating our success. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of I-164.

The I-164 Campaign